Smokie – Suzi Quatro Chris Norman – Stumblin In

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Quatro was born into a Catholic musical family. Her father, Art, a part time jazz musician, was of Italian descent,while her mother, Helen Sanislay, was Hungarian. She is the aunt of actress Sherilyn Fenn, whose mother is Quatro’s sister Arlene. Quatro began her musical career in the all-female band Pleasure Seekers and Cradle with her sisters Patti, Nancy, and Arlene. Patti Quatro later joined the band Fanny, one of the earliest all-female rock bands to gain national attention. She has a brother, Michael Quatro, who is also a musician. Quatro moved to the UK in 1971 after being discovered in Detroit by record producer Mickie Most, famous for producing many artists such as The Animals, Jeff Beck, Lulu and Donovan.[8] By this time he had started his own label RAK Records, which made stars of many artists including Hot Chocolate and Mud.====Chris Norman (born Christopher Ward Norman, 25 October 1950, in Redcar, North Yorkshire) is an English soft rock singer.His parents did not intend that he should pursue a stage career, but when he was just three years old, he decided to walk on stage and join the finale line-up for the show in which his parents were appearing. This may have had an effect on him because with the advent of rock and roll, Norman acquired his first guitar at the age of seven. His early musical influences were Elvis Presley, Little Richard and Lonnie Donegan. In these early years, Norman’s parents moved around the country a lot which resulted in him going to

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salvadormarley sagt:

He was like a Happy Shopper Rod Stewart.

Alan Green sagt:


captaineasy1969 sagt:

I proposed to my girfriend roxanna while playing this song..this song is us..i love you and the babies pumpkin..your captain

mabelle19831 sagt:

so sweet and a nice song!

Erilma Santos Londe sagt:

que lidoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, tenho tudo dessa turma linda de viver, m-a-g-n-i-f-i-c-o que tempo bom,hoje cuidando da minha netinha e da francisca minha linda cachorra da raça labrador feliz e curtindo a boa música, VIVA LA VIDA…..

Marcin Myslisz sagt:

to jest ibedzie wielki przeboj kocham te czasy leon

Gary M sagt:

Also look at them dancing at 1:40 My saying is that dancing is as close as you can get to a lady without getting your face smacked and he sure came close to getting it smacked there.

Gary M sagt:

I’ve always said it looked like there was a connection between the two of them. That starry look they have for each other ways it all. And this is to help you it is not to criticice you but to put the time in so you can click on it you use the colon, I think it is or the semi colon. I can never tell the which is which but here it is. 00:56 All the best, click on my link now and you sill see what I mean. Gary

John Doe sagt:

Who the fuck are you,that stupid, you never heard Suzi Quatro.Shame that you are still on this planet

IFoxedYouUp sagt:

Suzi…Suzi, who the fuck is Suzi

James Bond sagt:

as well as chris norman

Tara Keane sagt:

Love the way she looks at him,she had the hot for him for sure lol..could,nt blame her he was pretty cute…..

Gáborne Szuts sagt:

Imádom Őket ezer éve!!!

seventiesization sagt:

Don’t know why Suzi Quatro didn’t become more successful as she is an excellent singer.

Zsupippi sagt:

Super..Super…Super !!

smibs aves sagt:

aah lovely, takes me back, those were the days. Loved Smokie and Suzi

kravalloskar sagt:

If Suzi would glance at me the way she glances at Chris @ 0.56 I would probably explode. She’s so cute that … no, words aren’t enough! LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!

алексей петров sagt:

лучшие !

Nicoleta Dragusin sagt:

frumos….cu multe amintiri…

Michael Ryan sagt:


kennethj1956 sagt:

That big smile, lip gloss, feathered 70′s shag, the dreamy way she looks at Chris Norman……this is why I am building a freeking time machine!
Anyone else wanna go?

George Best sagt:

Splendid!  No more to say.

Mamuka Bulia sagt:

Super.. its very good

rom123ulus sagt:

Tare ca piatra si iute ca sageata

Gosia S. sagt:

super! jak wino , czym starsze to coraz lepsze!!!można słuchac, słuchac i słuchac bez końca!!! the best :))

M.Carmen Carrillo sagt:

cancion bonita donde las haya es de 1979 las canciones buenas siempre perduraran me acordare toda la vida

ChK1986PL sagt:

Gęba się sama uśmiecha, wspaniały duet :)

Edit Gál sagt:

Szuper dal.

Sevil Nur sagt:

i love this song!!!

stateofdreams1 sagt:

Just amazing to hear it again. A total winner and a pop classic :)

David Bevan sagt:

I wish I was alive back then, this music is amazing, grew up on smokie

nodari deminashvili sagt:


basia nemo sagt:


gulfira usmanova sagt:

my favourit singer Chris Norman………..

gulfira usmanova sagt:


Rita Regalienė sagt:

nemirtingi…noris vėl būti jaunais…

Wojciech Wolski sagt:

Suzi para siempre!

cstrike5409 sagt:

I love this song

Ewa Jadwiga sagt:


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