André Rieu – Nearer my God to Thee (Näher mein Gott zu dir) – Zauber der Musik HD

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On request. Andre Rieu is playing the song Nearer my god to thee (Näher mein Gott zu dir) in Maastricht from the concert “Zauber der Musik” Live in Maastrich…

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firoz sharman sagt:

if i can make a playlist of songs etc for my funeral,this one will definitive be one of those

Wrexshield sagt:

Great !

steve slaney sagt:

very beautiful rendition of one of the most beautiful hymns ever

stelian trofin nistor sagt:

god blessed music so we can feel closer to him.

Jonathan Eardley sagt:

What version was he playing?

RobinHey88 sagt:

Absolutely Fantastic !

nashgallo sagt:

*wipes tear* I’m hardcore with my emotions emotions. But I cried on this. It’s so beautiful! :’D

marvinalwin sagt:

41of the viewers are taliban

marvinalwin sagt:

Amen… This song always remembered me of how close we are to GOD.. :’(

hjozsi54 sagt:

Köszönöm, a videó készítőének,közzétevőének, és az énekkarnak, zenészeknek, és Andre Rieu karnagy prímásnak.Tisztelettel, Horváth József, MAGYARORSZÁG.

TheZAN916 sagt:

Hermoso alimento del alma

sam khalid sagt:

if we would take a moment on every tragical event, i believe we would spend months on the arabic events…

monty s sagt:

i know i posted this before here ,but i got to say it again there are not many songs that will bring tears to a old soldiers eyes,but this is one of them

pop silviu sagt:

Inaltator, emotionant ,meditativ ! Interpretare de exceptie!

Jacob Charlson sagt:

Sehr schön!

Georgian Pintea sagt:

Text: Sarah F. Adams, 1805-1848
,Music: Lowell Mason, 1792-1872

MrDeano324 sagt:

Or maybe its the connection of the piece to the final moments of over 1,500 men, women and children, on the morning of April 15th 1912.

BerneyJohn sagt:

Truly soulfully emotional!

세호 정 sagt:


Felicia Anthony sagt:

Beautiful. (;

MrDeano324 sagt:

As a violinist, this hymn must have been particularly touching to Reiu. He must have been very proud to play this.

VanitasxAura sagt:

Gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with tonight.

Dario Kovacevic sagt:

fantastic !

MrChowds64 sagt:

Couldn’t agree more!

edward morton sagt:

it shows yet again,that music has no limits. Maestro Rieu and his orchestra can make us cry,laugh and dance with joy,whether we are christian,muslim, or of no religion. Whether we are black,white or any colour between,makes no difference. Just enjoy his music for what he wants it to be……enjoyed!!!

TheLuflow sagt:

that “incredibly moving” you experience is the presence and nearness of God to you. .

frobs78 sagt:

einfach genial… Respekt.

Rennimagus sagt:

I was just thinking about that earlier today- it’s been over a month, and there are still a handfull of flags at half mast in my town. Their loss is agonizing, but Heaven is even more beautiful for their presence.

Domlah222 sagt:

Brings a tear to my eye every time.

Marianne Reymond sagt:

Ce superbe morceau de musique force à la méditation. Il y a un morceau d’éternité dans cette magnifique interprétation. Merci

Giovanni Vitelli sagt:

tu vivi sull’altar.splendido inno sacro

foggyification sagt:

andre is the man

Antacha7 sagt:

Sehr schön.

imdiboss sagt:

when i see those dislikes I know that there is someone above everything knocking at someone’s door and asking him to leave behind his old life and be renewed …

Erik Lang sagt:

Ruhe in Frieden
Mein Vater der am 18.12.2012 mit 86 Jahren verstorben ist
Wir werden Dich vermissen

Rita Schmitt sagt:

Einfach wundervoll

chapynl sagt:

I dont believe in god (used to though), but I do like almost all the music about it, music is for everyone:)

Irene Kern sagt:

With this song, playing on my saxophone, I was able to walk a little bit of her way into the light as my dearest Mum died………………

Medikus1001 sagt:

Leider leicht veränderte Version mit etwas fehlender Dynamik.

greenmanofkent sagt:

I ask every one of you to play this again, and take a moment to reflect on the tragic events in Newtown, CT this past week. So many young lives cut short, along with the lives of those who care for them.


caicedo626 sagt:

It was played in the titanic…… Amazing !!!!!!!

Fiddlerin sagt:

playd it at the funeral of my great grandmother 4 weeks. i always cried when i have heard this song. now i have a reason why.  loved you so much.

Bat Man sagt:

This song is such a heartwarming, emotional and strong piece of music. In the movie world this could be used to showcase so many moments from countless number of movies.

OhloneRS sagt:

Well, lets never forget. This message of the song also ties in the meaning of the 1700 brave souls that sacrificed their lives on board the Titanic 100 years ago. Huge meaning ;)

ausgox sagt:

I can’t remember listening this song without tears in my eyes :’(
But it’s too beautiful and I will keep listening to her :)

MrLobbyludd sagt:

If you mean the lady at 0:49, that’s Agnes Walter.

Bob Hutton sagt:

This is the hymn played by the band as the Titanic went down.

People say that they don’t believe in God but when they are facing death who else is there to turn to?  No matter how far we have strayed from His paths He is ready to receive us if we are truly sorry for our sins and turn to Him in Jesus name.

dave penta sagt:

This is the most beautiful song I’ve ever listened to………. I almost cried during it

BuckworthJackson sagt:

The  lady playing the violin to Andre’s left has the most beautifl eyes!

Maik Bartelt sagt:

hab ich hier schon was geschrieben? keine Ahnung! aber hier wurde was auf die beine gestelt, daß man suchen muß. geiles und und geile zusammenstellung. mein ex pfarrer sagte mir mal, dieses lied sangen die menschen beim untergang der titanic.

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